Cannot include basic trait in prototype?


I’m trying to create a module for a card game where a player’s deck can contain multiple copies of the same card, for example let’s say the deck consists of 4 packs of 52 standard playing cards.

To keep things tidy I was planning to create 52 prototypes to represent the unique card definitions and then add 4 cards with each prototype (and no other traits) to the player’s deck. The problem is that it does not seem possible to include the ‘basic’ trait within a prototype (the ‘add’ button is greyed out) so at the moment it looks like I am going to have to add this trait repeatedly to my 208 cards to set the correct image and name.

Two questions:

  1. is there some way of adding the basic trait to a prototype that I have missed?
  2. if not then could I add some other trait(s) to my prototype that will allow both the image and the name to be set? (I was thinking that maybe a layer trait could be used to set an image but not sure about the name)

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Basic Traits can’t be added to prototypes; the Prototype is supposed to be added to a piece that has a Basic trait defined.

The Layer trait should work for this. A piece doesn’t need to have a basic image defined, just a piece name. You could define a Layer trait in each prototype, and select Always Active in the trait to define the piece’s appearance. Layer can also be used to affect the name of the piece (see the help file on Layer traits).

Also, unless each card you’re building is unique, you don’t necessarily need to construct each of the 208 cards individually. You can cut and paste copies into the deck when you’re building it in the editor. This can save a lot of time.

Thanks for your post. I’m now using a layer trait with two levels: one (named) for the card front and a second (unnamed) one for the card back with a hotkey set to flip between them.

Progress :smiley: