Card Decks :: Is there a way to restrict cards from being placed in other decks?

Hi VASSAL Masters,

I am designing a VASSAL module where there will be three decks of cards on the main board. For the purposes of this question, let’s say there’s a Red Deck, a Green Deck, and a Blue Deck. Players can draw any card from any deck, use them during gameplay, then return them to their original decks when done. Each kind of card represents a different gameplay concept. Let’s say that Red Cards are character superpowers, Green Cards represent money, and Blue Cards are random events.

I have all of this working fine in my module… except I noticed that it was possible to return a played Red Card to the Blue Deck or the Green Deck. That’s not a showstopper per se, but its annoying and might screw up gameplay if new players aren’t familiar with the rules.

So is there a way with VASSAL to allow only Red Cards to be returned to the Red Deck? If a player tried to drop a Blue Card on the Red Deck, VASSAL would either ignore this or an error message would pop up or something?

Many thanks! -ROA

Although it doesn’t appear to be mentioned in the documentation, it should be the bottom tickbox in a Deck’s configuration:

So if your cards all have something by which they can be identified–a Marker trait is a good example–this should help leverage it.


Yes! That did the trick nicely. An elegant solution, one that would not have occurred to me. Thank you!

Ah, Thanks for spotting that, I missed that when updating the reference manual for 3.6.0.

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