Card Distribution query

HI. Question about card distribution.
5-player hands, with “Draw Card” buttons, draw 7 cards from a common “Draw Deck” to their individual hands.
From this hand the players must send 1-card/turn to a common “Cards Played” board/map window, onto individual places belonging to each player (I’ve used a marker for the cards to land on not a deck to allow the card operations to be rt-clicked).
Now I can get the cards from the Draw Deck to the player’s hands but I’m not sure how to get the 1-card each will choose to “Play to” the common “Played Card” board/map window without having a list of “Send to…” commands on the card where each player is going to have a list of “Play card to A space…”
“Play card to B space…”
In each “Player Hand” I do have a key command fire (Alt-Shft A…Alt-Shft B…) when the cards land there but I’m not sure what attribute to have it change - in essence - to create a new card where only the “Play card to space B…” is the rt-click option specific to that player’s hand? I’ve tried changing the Marker trait “cardtype=…A…B…etc…” but that doesn’t seem to be enough.
Any mod that mirrors what I’m trying to do would also be helpful.