Card draw to trigger specific movement

Hi, can anyone help explain how I would do the following (last line)?

I have a deck of cards with locations (eg Saigon, Mekong etc).
And a pool of generic units (could be deck, palette or a large at start stack, all are fine with me).

When a card is drawn and revealed, I would like it to automatically send a generic unit from the pool to the indicated location.

Okay here is one system:

Step 1: Create a “Global Property” in the top section of your module (a global property of the module rather than of a specific map). Give it the name “Destination”. You can leave initial value and description blank, and do not check the is-numeric field.
Step 2: Give each card a “Place Marker” trait. Wipe the “Command” field and set the “Keyboard command” field to “SendMarker” (or some name you choose). Go to “Define Marker” field and set up the kind of piece that is going to be placed (if you have a Prototype already defined for your kind of piece, just add the right prototype, and then rename the “Basic Piece” field to what you want the name of the token to be). Under “Keystroke to apply after placement” type “ToDestination”.
Step 3: Also give each card a “Set Global Property” trait. Name of the global property is “Destination”. Don’t check “is numeric”. Click the “New” button under key commands once, clear the “Menu Command” to blank, set key command to a name like “SetDestination”, pick “set value directly”, and then make “New Value” be the name of the location to which the generic unit should be sent.
Step 4: Now give the card a “Trigger” trait, and under the “Perform these Keystrokes” section, make the first line “SetDestination” and the second line “SendMarker”. Now you have a trigger trait that will perform those two functions in the correct order. If you want this to be something that happens when you right click on the card and tell it to, then set the name of the Menu command. But if you want it to happen automatically when the card is revealed, clear the menu command and keyboard command, and instead add under “Watch For These Keystrokes” the line “MovedOnMap”.
Step 5: Go to your main Map Window, double click its entry, and in the very bottom line for “Apply Key Command to all units ending movement on this map” put “MovedOnMap”. This activates the “MovedOnMap” command for your cards when they are drawn and placed on the map. (If your cards are placed on some other map e.g. a player hand when they are drawn, then you’ll want to apply the keystroke on that map too or instead).
Step 6: In the prototype for the “Generic Piece” you are placing (well, preferably in the prototype, or if you’re defining the whole marker right inline in your Place Marker trait, then put it in the definition of the marker there), give it a “Send To Location” trait. Set the “Keyboard Command” field to ToDestination (the same keystroke you’re applying to it in Step 2). Set the destination field to “Region on selected map”. For the Map field give the name of your map (the default is usually Main Map). For the Region Name click on the little box on the right side, and in the Expression Builder type Destination and then click Okay – curly braces will appear around {Destination}, and the effect of this Send to Location trait will be to send the piece to whatever location is currently named in the Destination global property that you defined in Step 1 and to which you’ve set the location name you want in Step 3.

So it’s a bunch of steps, but it will do what you want, and will probably give you ideas how to adapt it to do more. You may, for example, want to ALSO add a Return-to-Deck trait to your cards, which sends them to your discard pile deck, and have THAT trait ALSO be activated from your MovedOnMap trigger from Step 4.

Note – this implementation assumes an “infinite supply” of the generic tokens, and simply creates them out of the ether when the cards are played. If you want to have a “large but FINITE supply” (e.g. a “Deck”) then there’s a difference since instead of Place Marker you would be sending a Global Key Command with number-of-pieces-in-deck set to 1 and with the “generic unit” pieces in the deck having a “Send To Location” trait that responds to the Global Key Command and uses the Destination global property from Step 1 to select its destination. If this summary isn’t clear enough let me know.

Hope that helps!


Thanks, much appreciated.