Card properties

Hi. A question for designers toeither answer or direct me to a module I can dissect for the answer:

  1. I have cards drawn from a communal deck for 2- players into their own player windows. And a 2nd deck that has cards used by only 1- player drawn to the 3rd player hand window.
  2. I then have players able to send cards from their hand to a new window that is visible to all players as “played” cards or in reaction to their opponents.***
  3. From these public player windows they would eventually send to a communal discard deck and eventually from the discard deck to separate card decks for reshuffling & distribution in the next turn.

Operations 1 & 2 I’ve figured out with draw buttons ( in private player-hand windows) and “Send to” commands from there to these public “played card” windows.

The 3rd step has me stumped. At some point the cards have to be identified with the player who drew the card so that when it travels from the discard pile to the one of the 2 original Draw decks it goes into the right one, to be freshly shuffled and ready to go brought the same process in the next turn.
*** Is there a way to have these 3x public played card windows open up with the main map at the start of the game?

The part quoted above is not possible, as far as I know. I’d probably extend the size of your main map (e.g. add a few hundred pixels or whatever makes sense) so you can put draw decks, discard piles, and played card areas right below the actual map.

I’m having a hard time visualizing all the decks and windows–so there’s 3 draw decks? One shared, and then each player has their own deck they alone draw from? Then you have 2 discard piles?

A Marker trait on each card should be sufficient for logic in a Trigger Action property match expression to identify it and send it off to the correct draw deck, assuming there’s only one possible deck any given card can return to. You have a Global Key Command as a button in your toolbar for “End Turn” or whatever is the correct phrasing that in turn applies the “Return to Player 1 Pile”, “Return to Player 2 Pile”, and “Return to Shared Deck” triggers to all the discards. Each Trigger Action gets a property match seeking the correct Marker so that it applies to only the correct cards.

Thanks. Yes, I could redo the map but it’s a game mechanic I’ve comprehended after I’ve done the map zones & areas, etc…so I’m too lazy to add it to the map & mess up the pixel positions of all the zones, etc… . I can live with the players opening their “played card” windows at the start. Just thought I’d ask.
It’s a 3-player game. There’s 2-decks. 1-deck serves 2 of the players and the 2nd deck serves a 3rd player. I don’t have 2-discard piles but I guess I could do it that way. So the 2-players will have a separate discard pile they share & then the cards could be reshuffled into their shared draw deck, while the 3rd player’s cards remain segregated in its own discard pile. I think I’ll try your Marker suggestion first to keep things streamlined. Thanks again.