card shuffled into the last 20 cards of a deck

My game has an end of game card which needs to be shuffled into the bottom 20 cards of a deck. Once shuffled in, the deck has to be set to Shuffled Never, but how do I do the initial shuffle in?



You can steal the basic building blocks from the deck construction bits I put into the Pax Porfiriana module. You need a “temporary” deck set to shuffle always, a temporary deck with all the cards except the game end card, a temporary deck containing only the end of game card, and a bunch of Global Key Commands. All your cards will need Send to Location traits on them that will teleport them into the temporary deck and the actual deck from which you’ll draw during the game.

  1. GKC to pull 19 cards and put them into the temporary “shuffle always” deck.
  2. GKC to send the end game card into that same deck.
  3. GKC to send all 20 cards in this temporary deck to the actual deck (this is the part that randomizes the end game card’s location in the bottom 20)
  4. GKC to send all remaining cards onto the actual deck

Use a Multi-Action Button and you can wrap it all up neatly into a single toolbar button for one-click deck construction.

Great! Thanks Joel!