Card Stacking

In the Card Window there is a deck from which a player can draw a card. However, when I draw a card and drag & drop it over another card that was already drawn, the card is put next to the already drawn one. The cards do not want to stack. I want them to stack like counters or at least that the program want move newly drawn card next to the existing one. What I am missing?

Are you working with an existing module (and if so, which)? I know there’s some where the stacking (for cards) is set up so that cards in the same stack appear next to each other. (I suppose that might a default where it’s known that a stack will be of cards…)

This happens automatically if the private window is set up as a ‘Player Hand’. Use a ‘Private Window’ instead which has the same functionality, but does not override the Stacking controls.

Thank you!

Not an existing, my own.