Cards not showing up when moving from player hand

I’m have a problem where if I send a deck of cards from a playr hand or just one card from a player hand to a map board the opponent cannot see the deck or card. I’m sure this is an easy fix but it’s eluding me for the moment. I’m new to doing Vassal modules. If I can get this to work I’m pretty much set.

I appologize if this has been covered earlier but I haven’t been able to easily find the solution via searching the forums.

Thank you for any help you can provide.

Is this during a live play session? Sounds like you might not be synchronized with your opponent. See p6 of the user guide (on the help menu) for instructions on how to synch.

It happens in both a live session and a continuation. I noticed it both when doing a continuation from a log file and having my friend playtest my module. I’ll try it live again and synch and see if that fixes it. Thank you.