Cards with backs and fronts of differing sizes

Hello, all. I am trying to make a deck in my module that will contain cards with front and back images of differing sizes. This is because I want the deck to be small, but the fronts of the cards need to be large to read the writing that is on them.

Now, when I just chose the images and made the cards as usual, I was having a problem in that the deck was effectively as large as the fronts of the cards. What I mean is that even though the deck was visually represented by my small card back image, I could click anywhere near the deck within the size of the large image and it would still register and drag. This was bad because I had several nearby decks that were interfering.

My fix so far was to simply add the non-rectangular tag to the cards and use the small back as the non-rectangular image. This made the decks the correct size, but caused another annoying issue. Now, the large fronts of the cards are, as expected, not clickable anywhere except in the middle, and when I keep my mouse over them to zoom, only the center bit gets expanded.

Another option is to make the cards use layers rather than the mask option (I don’t need the cards to be secret at any point), and I have used this with other types of decks to great success. The problem I have here is that I would like these particular cards to automatically flip when I draw them from the deck so that they are face up, but I don’t know how to make layered cards do this (automatically switch to a certain layer once drawn). Any help?

So, can anyone think of a good way to implement cards this way that will cause the deck to have the correct size and the fronts of the cards to be correct as well? Thanks!

Thus spake “Pygmalion”:

If you created the cards at a readable size, but then zoomed out for normal
play, that might solve your problem. The Counter Detail Viewer (the popup
window you get when hovering over a piece when zoomed out) can show the
cards at full size that way, so then you wouldn’t have a mismatch between
the size of the fronts and the size of the backs.


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Thanks for the response. I could certainly do this, and I seriously thought about this for a while. However, I decided to go with the differing sizes for a variety of reasons, so here I am. The question still stands, then: given that I am set on using differing sizes, how can I best accomplish this with the fewest issues?

On Feb 10, 2008, at 11:48 PM, Pygmalion wrote:

Perhaps use a trigger that fires when the card is moved to the map or
a player hand, and have that change the layer?

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Thanks for the advice, tar. Since my original post I also thought of this solution and it works quite well.