change deck position in a saved file

So if I want to reposition a deck after I generated the scenario savegame file, I would need to redo it again from the start, right?

Otherwise the deck would stay in the same place it was at the time I did the set-up.

Is there any way to modify the deck position in the save game file? maybe unzipping the .vsav file and editing it by hand somehow? Any other way?


I don’t think so. vsavs are mangled heap of random letters.

You need to open the module, reposition the deck, resave the save and reload it back to the module as a predefined setup.

vsav files are zipped and the main file is encrypted, but even if you decrypt it, it’s still an incredibly awkward-to-edit serialised format, with property names and values separated and repeatedly re-escaped. It’s a lot more efficient and less error-prone to use Vassal to make the change.