Change Maximum Value for Dynamic Properties via a hotkey

What is the variable name to change the Maximum value for Dynamic Properties?

Dynamic Property
Value: 5
Minimum Value : 0
Maximum Value : 15

Key Commands
Menu Command : Change Maximum Value
Key Command : ALT M
Type : Set value directly
New Value : ??? How do I use this field to change the Maximum value ?

{Maximum value==20} … This does not work hehe


First the doubled == is a notation for testing, returning a boolean true/false, not for assigning.
Then, I’m not sure you can edit this one. I tried myself. Instead I use formulas with modulo operator when I need to evaluate a potential limit. I’d like someone to give a different answer, though.

So, for an unknown number of player, from 2 to 5, I define a GP named nbplayers. And some seat1 to seat5 mapped to the colors, and blue_number to yellow_number mapped to 1 to 5.
When I want to send something to next player, the destination seat will be : seat{myseat%nbplayers+1}, with myseat defined as $PlayerSide$number.
Now if the max value you want to apply can only take a few N values, you can define N times the same dynamic property, calling it with different keystrokes.

Does that help ?

You can’t change the Maximum/Minimum values “on the fly” while the module is running.

You’d have to simulate that functionality yourself, with another dynamic (or global) property, that you then checked whenever you updated your original property, to see if you’d gone past the “current max limit”, and force it back within bounds yourself.