Changes made not reflected in saved games

The other day I made some changes to the Turn Counter in a game module. Using the ‘List’, I added some additional phases of the turn. This worked great except that existing games saved before this change do not see those additional phases. Is there a way to fix this with saved games?

NoteL This is for both Saved genes and Scenarios saved as games,

Note: I did not design the module, I am only making modifications to it.

I’m not familiar with the Turn component. It could be that it contains elements that don’t get automatically picked up when an existing game file is opened. In which case, your only option may be to re-create Predefined Setups from scratch.

On the other hand, what are you seeing that doesn’t work? Can you find any set up of the Turn component that you might need to do in each of the PreDefined Setups to get your changes working?

Hopefully someone who has used the Turn component can provide more specific help.