Changing boards GKC on marker

Hi all,

I’ve been tinkering with this issue for a while and I’m close but it’s not quite functioning. Any help appreciated.

I have a main board and four “inlay” boards that show different weather states. These are placed as an At Start Stack with a “Does Not Stack” trait. They cannot be selected but if they could be, the key combo to change the layer is ctrl-alt-w.

I have a marker that sits off board “Weather”. It has Layers:
Very Sunny
Pouring Rain
Sweltering Heat

What I would like is that when the weather marker layer is changed, the appropriate weather board layer becomes activated and displayed. I assume some sort of GKC is needed here but I’m missing a piece or two of the puzzle.


Do you mean you have 4 pieces in the At Start Stack that default to no image but each have a layer that toggles on and off to show the appropriate weather?

I think you will find it easiest to create a numeric Global Property to store the weather condition: Nice corresponds to a value of 1, Very Sunny is 2, Pouring Rain is 3, and so on. Adjust it with the same keystroke that you use to activate different layers on your Weather token. That is, the same keystroke that makes the Weather token change to Blizzard should also be used in a Set Global Property to change your GP to a value of 4.

The reason you want the GP to be numeric is so the single non-stacking, non-selectable, immovable piece that acts as your board overlay can change automatically as the GP changes, using the “Levels Follow Property Value” option. Create 5 levels for this piece–the first is set to “No image” so the underlying map will show through (I assume Nice is the default condition). The second level will be the image for Very Sunny, and becomes active whenever the weather GP is set to a value of 2. The third level is the image for Pouring Rain, active when the GP is 3.

Does that make sense? You’ll also want to use map-level Game Piece Layers feature (not to be confused with the Layer trait that applies to individual pieces) to make sure your map overlay images draw below everything else–units, other game markers, etc.

Thanks Joel, I’ll give that a try tonight!