Chart with Tabbed Panes as Piece Palette?

Howdy all,

Could a chart window with tabbed panes be used like a piece palette for pieces with a fixed quantity?

Is this a decent idea?

I was thinking of making a chart window with tabbed panes, each pane for a category of piece, and each of the pieces would have a fixed quantity in the game. So the pieces would either be cards in a deck or pieces in an at-start-stack. I was thinking the panes could be monochrome maps.

I’d appreciate experiences, thoughts, and other feedback.

Thanks in advance.

Sounds feasible. You can add map windows to the Chart Window component - not sure if you can add them below a tabbed pane but I don’t see why not.

I’ve used a map window in a chart window for something alot simpler - turn track. It has about 3 pieces on it. Module: Flying Colors v2.5.x.

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Thanks, Mark! I appreciate the comment about the turn track. I may do something similar and put various items of game state information in a map window in a chart window.