Charts Refuse to Tile

I’ve had a problem that has occurred over several of my last builds. It seems that when I install jpg files in the Charts Window and identify them as Maps (so I can use the magnification properties), the Tiles refuse to process? Everything hangs up and nothing works.

Why is this occurring?

Once more I’ve uploaded the module to DropBox so that anyone who is kind enough and willing, can take a look and tell me what I’m doing wrong. Just drop me a line ( and I will send you the DropBox for the latest errant module.


I installed vassal 3.5.2 in hopes this would allow the tiling of images as maps in chart windows. I have tried jpg, png, bmp, And pdf in 3.5.2. all of them saved within the vmod file. However EVERY time I attempt to open the mods the files refuse to tile no matter the type of file.

Why? I cannot figure it out.

Solved here, correct?