Charts window size?

Is there a way to size Charts window? I have a compass rose, but when you open it you get a full size window with a little compass on the side.

I’ve largely taken to putting the charts into the Help menus as PDFs. This also has some issues, notably that they download with randomish filenames that give no clues as to content. But they of course can display at any desired scaling factor as a PDF. As far as I know there is no way for a player to directly adjust size of charts as such in Vassal.

The way I do it is to open the file with paint.
Resize and save it to jpeg.
The size should be between 500 and 1000 pixels.
I always end up redoing several times until I get the proper size.
Hope this helps.

There is one method I know of that you might consider to get player-controlled zooming, should you want that; use a map window. You can even add one to the Charts Window. For an example of the later, you’ll find one in the last two versions of the Flying Colors module.

I don’t use a zoom tool there but I just checked and you can add one (E.g. below). You’ll still want to prepare the image appropriately but this might help too.

In this example, the Turn Track & Sequence of Play is a map, everything else is simple chart components.

JPEG is a poor format for line art. You’ll have better results if you use PNG.