Chat-log - Player ID - inconsistent reporting

In updating a module, I’m finding I see some reports are prefaced with playerID and some are not.
Scenario as follows:

The units are in a single at-start-stack in a non-main map.
The units all have a trait “Send to Location” and associated “Report Action”
Units have one of two classes of destinations, EITHER:
A) Grid Location on Selected Map (main map) - associated report DOES prepend playerID
B) Location on Selected Map (a different, not main map) - associated report does NOT prepend playerID

The same GKC is triggering the set of units which have a mix of both types of destinations simultaneously.

I would have expected the “Report Action” to work the same (include playerID) regardless of the two scenarios…

I would like the reporting to be consistent, if possible…

Any hints? Is this maybe a bug?

Each map defines multiple template for reports on that map (in its properties window)–one for pieces moving to that window, one for pieces moving within the window, etc–check that those are correct.

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Thanks JR - that was exactly the problem…

I hadn’t noticed it, because the message format was long enough that the $playerId$ portion of the message had scrolled off the visible area.

However, that brings up a slightly different question/issue… It appears one of the reports is being generated by the default map message report format, while the other is using the format I specified in “Report Action”… I need to do some more digging into this…

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