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So I’ve got my Lord of the Rings module together and it works pretty well, but I’m trying to improve the functionality of some things… In the game, during each scenario board, each player has to earn one of each life token (heart, sun, ring), or else gain corruption for each missing token. I have it set so that on each board, when you earn one of those tokens, you drag the token into the player board. And then you’d have to delete them all at the end of the scenario to start fresh for the next one. It works fine, but it’s kind of tedious to do that every time and I’m wondering if there is some kind of thing like checkboxes that can be put into each player board, for example labeled “heart”, “sun”, “ring”, so when you earn one you just check off the box. Actually, more than one ring can be earned each scenario, so I might need to be able to count those, which brings up my next question…

In the game, shields are a very active commodity… they come and go often, and it is really tedious to have to drag shields into each player board. So I’m wondering if there is some kind of tally counter that could be added for each player’s shield count, where you just add or subtract the number of shields each time they are earned or discarded or used.

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There are a number of different ways to approach this.

Checkbox functionality can be implemented by adding a Layer that shows the ‘checked’ view of the counter. Add an Action Button to toggle the checked layer on/off.

Another way is to keep the counters, but use Global Key Commands to automate the moving around/cleaning up of the counters.

Create a Non-stacking counter that has a Dynamic Property that keeps track of the number of Shields. Add a Text Field to display the value of the number of shields. Add some Commands to the Dynamic Property to count up/down.


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Thanks, Brent. But here is where I really need some “for dummies” kind of help. I don’t see any option to add a “non-stacking counter” anywhere on the player board maps. If you can talk me through these things a little more “step by step”, I’d really appreciate that.

Okay, so I have a solution I’m happy with for the first part (using an inset mask to activate via right-click when the life tokens are acquired, as in the picture below), but I’m still not quite there on the shield counter…

I’ve got it so that a drop-down menu will come up if I click on the shield icon and press Shift-S, and I can change the value of shields in there, so that’s good… but how to get it so that current value will remain displayed somewhere/somehow on the player board without having to click on the shield icon and press Shift-S every time? It’s very close to what I’d like, but still a bit tedious without being able to see everyone’s current shield count more easily…