Check counter dimensions

I’m trying to create a module extension and my counters are too large. Is there a way to determine the dimensions of counters in a module?

Are they images, or did you create them with the built-in Game Piece Image tool? If they’re images, module extensions (like modules) are merely ZIP archives with a different file extension. Open the ZIP archive and you can copy out the images to inspect them.


I did not create the base module (Flying Colors) and am creating an expansion module for the latest volume in the series. I’m importing images that I created from the counter sheet proofs. Each half-inch counter is 98px. When I add them to preexisting maps, they’re way too big so I need to know the dimensions of the counters included with the base module so that I can size them to match.

You can get the images out of the base module in the same fashion. The base module is also a ZIP archive.

Perfect! Back to the grind … :wink: