Choose a piece from a stack?

I’m wondering if there’s a way to select a single piece from within a stack. For example, I have some pieces where if I right-click them while on the board I can send them to a specific location. Then if I mouse-over the stack at that location, I can see all of the pieces lined up. That’s all great. But I’d like to be able to specifically pull one or more of those pieces out of that stack. As it is, the only way I can see to get to those pieces is to drag everything out one by one until I get to the piece(s) I want. But there’s probably some simple way to do that, which I’m not aware of at all… If so, please let me know.

Thanks much,

Double click on a stack to expand it. Then you can select any individual piece and promote it straight to the top by hitting the up arrow on your keyboard. Likewise, the down arrow sends a piece to the bottom of the stack. The right and left arrow keys promote and demote individual pieces in the stack by one place.

Hrm, not sure what you mean… If I double-click on that stack, nothing happens. It doesn’t “expand” anything. ??

No, wait… If I double-click, then press the LEFT button it moves one of the counters to the top. Then I have to double-click again, press LEFT and it changes again. But UP and DOWN don’t do anything but move the map screen up or down slightly, as if scrolling.

Still, it doesn’t seem to be expanding or allowing me to select anything, or use the UP or DOWN to promote anything, as you say.

Still looking for an answer on this… When I double-click on the stack, it doesn’t expand, and best I can do with UP and DOWN (or LEFT/RIGHT) is have it switch between two of the counters in the stack (but there are several and I want to be able to select from among them).


Is there a particular module (or set of pieces in a module) you’re having this trouble with? Or is it all modules?

Hi Eric,

Well, strange problem ? verify your stacking options to see the expand parameters …

Why do not you consider an inventory window to select stacked pieces group by location … then you could use traits to move or send to location…
By this way, you can select each pieces from a stack …