Choosing Text Labels

I am just about done with my module. All I need now is to add a final command but I am lost as to how to do it. Here is what i want:

On a sub-menu have a list phrases, any of which (or none) may be chosen (default is none chosen).

If none, the ship icon is blank. If a phrase is chosen, it appears as a text label.

Choosing another phrase makes the new text replace the previous text.

There needs to be a button on the toolbar to clear all of the text on all ships (similar to making the movement trails )

Thanks for any help you can give!

Add a Dynamic Property on the ships called ShipLabel or something and add a command (CTRL-A, say) to it to set its value to the various alternative labels you want (use the “select from a list” option). Also add a reset (CTRL-B, say) to reset to null. Then add a Text Label to display $ShipLabel$.

On your toolbar have a global hotkey to fire CTRL-B on all ships.

Thanks. That did it just right! Appreciate the help!