clearing movement trails after n moves

Relatively simple question:

I would like the movement trails to keep only the two or three most recent legs of the trail. I’d prefer if my players did not need to clear it manually with the mov button built into the interface. I would also like the mark when moved to clear every other marked piece after any single piece is moved, but not remove the trail.

Right now I have a movement trail trait and a mark when moved trait on each piece and it trails forever until cleared.

I am just starting out so I haven’t figured out the full understanding for the base engine mechanics. I don’t want it to be a key press, I just want it to happen after the piece is moved.

Thanks so much! The game works, but I am trying to add a little polish to the interface and watching the pieces pop around the board is hard to track. (It is a board game to play with my in laws overseas and the first game went really well!)

The Trails property appears to be an all or nothing solution for what you are trying to accomplish. You may want to consider having the moving piece drop a “breadcrumb” in each hex it enters and send a global command key to delete it when it is 4 hexes away (assuming the movement is depicted in a hexagonal grid).

I agree, I don’t think movement trails and “mark moved” as currently designed support the capability you seek. In addition to what MKerby stated, it’s not possible to clear the moved indicator while retaining the trail (as best I can tell–I don’t use these features much in my modules).

It really is just units moving around a subdivided circle. So the hexes cannot apply unfortunately. Movement is based on cards, so it could be anything ranging from -4 to 14 in either direction, or a swap with other pieces on the game board. I really just need users to know where the last move came from rather than just popping on the board at an arbitrary location. The game is a live 4 person game at the moment. Thanks for the replies, I’ll see if the breadcrumbs can work.