Click Action button: call 3 cards into deck above button

So I’ve got a deck of “outcome” cards. Each player (up to 5) has 12 different possible advancements. When they research an advancement, that advancement gets some number of outcome cards (usually 3). Later on, these 3 cards will be drawn from randomly to check for certain outcomes of the advancement.

The problem is I can’t figure out how to do this without programming 60 different “send to deck” commands and then having each of the 60- buttons (12 per player) manually set to send to a different deck. I’ve tried a ‘send to location’ that happens to be right on top of an empty deck, but the cards wind up sitting on top of it and not ‘in it’, so when later calls come to draw cards from the deck, it won’t work. I don’t want my players to have to re-manipulate the cards every time they research something.

Anybody know an easier way to do this? I’ll likely have to do this with another button (so another 60 pairs of commands), and I’d love to just write a single setup in a ‘button’ prototype that will save the current region of the button, then call out to the source deck and tell it to send 3 cards to the saved location. Only I can’t figure out how to get the cards into the nearest ‘deck’ when they arrive.

The Return-to-Deck trait, as you’ve probably already discovered, does not have any provision for using an expression or $thingy$ to compute up a destination.

But I don’t think you actually need the “deck” functionality for every single one of those little sets of outcome cards, at least not for storing them. How about just:
(1) Use the send-to-location and just put them in “little piles” for now.
(2) Then to randomize a “pile”, use a GCK to send everything in one of the piles to a single invisible “randomizing deck”. Then, all in the processing of the original GCK, draw one of the cards from the deck (deck set to randomize), which becomes the “result”, and then automatically move all the rest of the cards from the randomizing deck “to the discard pile” or whatever it is you do with the ones that aren’t the result.

That might at least get you started down a path-of-sanity, but in the overall direction you want to go?