Clickable area on counter stacks

What are good solutions to prevent status markers from blocking the selection of the counter they are stacked above? I only know of 2 methods, but I’m hoping there is an obvious/simpler solution I overlooked…

  1. If status markers are smaller than the counter, use Non-Rectangular trait to reduce the clickable area of the marker so that the edges of the counter can be easily clicked. Or conversely, increase the clickable area of the counter by exaggerating its size with Non-Rectangular.

  2. Don’t actually create a separate piece for the status marker. Use layers to turn on/off images that represent the various status markers. This also solves the “moving the whole stack” problem, but can be tricky and a ton of work to implement if there are a large variety of markers.

PS I’m very much looking forward to the “Mat” feature Cattlesquat mentioned because that would seem to solve the issue of how to always move status markers with their assocaiated counter.

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Nobody said anything because there’s nothing to say–you already know of the only 2 solutions that I’m aware of. I suppose, if a specific marker always goes on top of a specific type of counter, it could duplicate the counter’s options and forward them to that counter with a series of GKCs, but that seems like a nightmare to implement even if it applies.

  1. Ignore the problem, let players expand the stack and find the counter they need below the markers.

I use a mixture of 2 and 3. There are only so many markers you implement on-piece as layers as they start to overlap and interfere with each other, however, the GTS series uses about 4 on-piece markers. Markers that apply to a whole stack should usually be done with option 3.

I’m not sure Mats and Cargo will help you as it is not really designed for adding status markers to standard stackable pieces. Mats are automatically non-stacking for a start.