Clone Irregular Grid?

First post, first try at digging into VASSAL, so thanks in advance!

I’ve modified a current module to include my own map (generated with HexDraw)

Situation: The game idea I’m working on features over-sized hexes. I want to display 4 counters per hex in a non-overlapping, 2x2 grid, with some space between each counter (in other words, a 4-counter stacking limit, without the stacking.)

So I ditched the hex grid, put in an irregular grid, and tried placing 4 regions in a hex, and voila, 4 counters snapped neatly to a 2x2 grid within the hex.

Question: Is there a way to clone the position of the 4 point/regions to every hex of the map .png in some automated fashion, or do I have to put the 4 points into every single hex manually?

Any ingenious techniques or thoughts you guys might have would be greatly appreciated!


On Oct 20, 2009, at 7:55 PM, Emilio wrote:

Well, I don’t think you really have an irregular grid.

The grid you want is very regular, and I think you may actually be
able to achieve what you want with a square grid the underlies your
hex grid.

Perhaps something like the attached picture, where you put the square
grid in as the actual grid and supply the hexes only via the image.

This will work fine as long as you don’t really want to have reporting
via hex number, for example. Since the grid will not have a direct
correspondence to your hex grid.

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That’s it!

That’s the value of a fresh set of eyes. I did not see that until you pointed it out. It’s essentially one of those square grids with every other column offset down by half a square, like in Leyte Gulf…

Thank you!


Well, it worked! These hexagons are 450 pixels tall, by the way, and the counters are 54x54 pixels.

By allowing the counters to snap to both corners and edges as well as the centers, you could actually get up to 9 counters in a hex, though the stacking limit I’m after is 4.

I think I like them better sitting on the edges, which clusters them closer to the center of the hex, but I may just leave all the snapping enabled, to give the player some choice of what he likes best.

Thanks again!