[CLOSED] Rotate vs Layer

I have a counter that I wish to rotate so I added ‘Can Rotate’ to the list of traits and selected 6 as the number of rotations. This works fine.

The counter carried a value indicating the number of hits it has taken in a turn. This can rise from 0 to 4.

I tried to do this as a layer with 5 images - each with a hits value one higher than the preceding value. I added the ‘Layer’ trait.

The problem now is that when I rotate the piece, the value of ‘Hits’ increases - each rotatiion seems to increment the hits as if the layer is being activated.


Basic Piece
Layer (Increase Hits)
Can Rotate

Any suggestions?

Are you using the same key command for both actions? If so change one.

Thanks very much. That was the problem. It’s now working nicely.