Closing a non-Main-Map window closes the whole module

I am creating a module for my new Game (Gallipoli 1951). I’ve been using the OCS: Reluctant Enemies modules as an example, following its structure quite closely.

I created a secondary map window (the first of many) for the counter setup cards. However, when I run the module, if I close that window the whole game exists. Yet in the OCS module it just closes that window, not the whole game. As far as I can tell I have exactly the same properties on my main map window and on the secondary map window.

So, how do I configure a map window so that closing is does/does-not close the whole module?

thanks in advance


I checked out the Reluctant Enemies vassal module that you are using as a template.

In EDIT mode I see the main map edit window is altered from a normal vassal module with NEW headings and wordings and descriptions!; it also says in the top vassal description “Recompiled for 3.2.15”

Personally, I would NOT recommend using this vassal module as a template since it has been internally altered somehow…

Oh, I noticed that some headings were different and wondered why. Thanks for the tip, and as payment, you get to answer my next question: Which module is a good example for me to follow?


I am posting this discussion in the CSW Vassal forum for you to get more feedback:

As far as recommendations I am biased towards my own vassal modules but here is a list:

If you are using random chits drawn from a cup use this:

If you are using random maps and drawing cards use this:

For a straight up vassal module: that works well: … _Eggshells

And for a vassal module that has TONs of unique complicated features to use as a resource: … _of_Shiloh

Thanks. I’ll try Across 5 Aprils, because Gallipoli 1915 also has chit pulls

All of the OCS modules contain heaps of custom Java classes developed by the late George Heyward. I wouldn’t recommend using them as the basis for anything unless you are very sure of what you are doing.