Colored die for 2d6

I’m developing a game that uses an ASL-like method for rolling dice (most rolls are 2d6, but if the colored die is < N, you can take another action). However, there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to create this in VASSAL. Looking at the VASL module, there is an object called “ASLDiceOverlay”, but I can’t “look into” the object to see what they did. I’m a module newbie, but is there more ways to import functionality into modules?

See the Random(6) function on the Expressions page.

That can be used to set a Dynamic Property or Global Property to a random value between 1-6 when a command is sent to a piece. You could define one such property for the colored die and one for the white die.

Jim Hunter

Or just have it roll 2 dice and config like this, no boxes checked, then it’ll show each die roll


Then just say the first die is the colored one. Result looks like this


Hello Chris;
I am a newbie also and mostly in over my head. I am not sure exactly what you want but I
find the Symbolic Dice feature can do pretty much everything I need creating multi-sided dice of any colour and not just D6

Show dice

Thank you! This looks promising. I will try to use this tool.