Combining 2 Vassal Files

Can 2 VASSAL files / modeuls be combined into one? I want to share the workload with a friend, but do not know how to make it so that we can incorporate the data from one into the other. Is it possible to do that?

I think I figured it out.

For a large game like Europa, with thousands of counters, I can do the following, I think.

Create a VASSAL file for each nationality and make their counters, then save the Image file in their nations folder. Do this also for the general counters etc. and all the Air & Naval counters as well.

If any file gets corrupted, then not all is lost.

Then create the actual VASSAL game file, where the images are loaded into, and not use that file to create any counter art.

This way I can split the task of counter creation amongst several people.

Make sense?


Thus spake “quintanius”:

I don’t follow what you’re saying about creting the coutner art. Maybe
try describing this differently?


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