Combining Modules

I’m working on a module. I’ve had some great assistance from Dr. Nostromo in the form of another module.

Is there an easy way to combine the two or will I have to, in essence, recreate what Dr. Nostromo has done in my module?

Any easy way to combine the two?

The easiest way to copy a large piece of one module into another is to open both build (XML) files, and copy the pieces you want from one to the other.

There is no easy way of combining the two. You can try the buildfile option mentioned above but if you don’t get it exactly right, it will probably fail. Best to just re-create what you need.

Also note that you can have two editors open at the same time. If I’m doing something like this, I usually open both mods in the editors and then just tile them vertically and copy on one side what I’m looking at on the other.

Thanks guys for the reply’s. I decided to give it a go anyway and found that, as the good Doctor points out, having 2 editors open at the same time makes it not only easier but also less prone to error (as you can visually double check instead of relying on memory etc…).

Good suggestion on the XML file as well…but I’m simply not brave enough to go that route.

All seems to be working out well…and thanks again publicly for your help on this module Dr. Nostromo…hoping to release it this week!