Command name, Keyboard command

Hi friends,
There is a way to hide the keyboard command when right click on a piece for mask, return to deck, etc?
In my game, some pieces run a sound different when unmasked, and the players know the pieces that are simply reading the keyboard command before clic on them. I just want the command name without the keyboard command in the pop menu. Is it possible?
Thanks for advance

If you don’t give the option a menu name or, in some cases, a name, it won’t appear in a right click menu.

For example, the Return to Deck trait has the name “Return to Deck” and a key command. Remove the “Return to Deck” name. The key command you use will still work …it just won’t show up in a menu when you right-click the piece.

However, I don’t believe you can display a name and NOT display the command …I think it’s either all or nothing.

Nostromo… I think he’s asking for just the opposite, that is, having a name but not the keyboard command…

I think it’s impossible what you’re asking for… but there are some ways to do that, for example you can use “trigger action” traits with conditions… so you can have two triggers (only one with menu text but both with the same keyboard command) and each one with different conditions and different results… so one of them will trigger only when a piece is masked and do whatever you want, and the other one will do the opposite, as both triggers uses the same keyboard command both will try to do what they’re supposed to, but only one will qualify for its conditions (mask or unmasked counter).

That should work :slight_smile: and should be informationless for the players ;)

I´m looking…

Issue resolved. With Action Button better than Trigger Action. All prototype pieces have the same keyboard command for unmmasked them. In some pieces, the trait Play Sound (with different sounds) have the same unmmasked keyboard command. An Action Button for each Play Sound fire the different sounds when unmmasked the pieces.
Thanks Topo for the idea