Command to draw specific card


I have been working on my own modules not for distribution for awhile now, slowly growing my knowledge of vassal and making more and more complicated modules.

I have been working on a Pathfinder Adventure Card Game module we did our first real test last night and everything went pretty smoothly beyond a long set up time. This was partially due to me not trying to select multiple from the specific draw with ctrl. But anyways I would like to automate set up a little bit.

So I need to figure out a command to draw specific cards from a “Box” hand to the player hand based on side. I do already have a generic command for recharging that will find the players draw pile. I just need to know how to select the specific card from a deck in another hand.

I would also like to figure out how to go through and draw cards off of multiple decks and add to a location deck. I can figure out the rerouting to individual decks but I am unsure how to trigger the draws. Though this one I guess may be handled with a global command to send a card to the main board then triggering a return to deck… but if someone has something a little more elegant I wouldn’t be opposed to trying it.

Anyways the setting up basic starting decks would be the more important as it takes more time to go through and locate the cards in the decks even with the specific selection.

Thank you in advance.

I saw on the server vassal you’ve played a few sessions. if you can and when I can send me the form that you have created. thank you.