Command to select "next piece"

Is there a way to make a command:

  • jump from a selected piece to the “next” piece of the same type and make it the selected piece?

To visualize:

In the Star Wars: Armada module I have a “maneuver tool”, which is basically 4 hinged pieces of plastic (segments) that can be twisted into certain patterns (depending on how fast and agile the starship is).

Currently you have to click a piece, then issue to command to rotate (in this case CTRL+LEFT/RIGHT). Then click the next piece and repeat, until the desired pattern has been achieved.

What I’d like to be able to do is click Segment 1 (or any other segment) to select it, then use CTRL+UP/DOWN to quickly move to the next or previous segment. That would VASTLY speed play and make it an overall more enjoyable experience.

Perhaps there is an easy solution to this? Or a more complex workaround?

I’m at a loss, so any help is hugely appreciated.

To simplify:

Is there any way to make a key command select a piece?

Or is a mouse click the only way to select a piece?

Hi, I’d tried previously - trying to find a way to not have markers automatically selected along with the piece laying 'em down - and I wasn’t able to find an answer unfortunately. Love to hear one.

So this isn’t what you’re asking for, and may well be something you’ve already thought of, but a workaround in your case might be to just house all the controls for each segment in one place, sending the others on via gkc. You’d still have ‘segment 1’ selected, or whatever the housing piece for all the actions would be, but you can make it clear when segment 2+ is currently being controlled (even if they aren’t selected).

You could perhaps even set it up with pop-up dialogues… so like “Rotate segment 1”, with set answers: right, left, or done… if right or left is chosen, then that occurs and the same question is repeated until ‘done’ is chosen, then the “Rotate segment 2” pop-up would be triggered, etc, until all four segments had been worked through.

Anyway, as I say, not really what you asked for.

I was afraid of that. Seems odd through; so many commands, but not one that select a piece based on say a global value?

Anyway, I had previously considered what you’re suggesting. It’s doable I suppose, but I’m not sure it will be worth it - add complexity to remove complexity so to speak.

Anyway, thanks for the reply!