Commands & Colors: Ancients - update v4.3.7

image Commands & Colors: Ancients module v4.3.7 is available! Download here.


  • Counter-Attack on a Section card plays to correct part of board (bug fix for normal format games).
  • New scenarios! New designer series from Matteo Finotto.
  • Solo players! End turn button now covers First Strike replacement as well.
  • PgUp key does UnDo, synonymous with Ctrl+Z as a convenience for PBEM users.
  • Own unit Victory Banners (e.g. breakthrough rules) do not record hits.
  • Scenario 424 missing leaders added.
  • Special rules bow-armed troops now report range 3 in mouseover.

:information_source: To see CDG Solo mode in action, take a look at Robin Reeve’s YouTube series (in French).

:warning: Users of v4.3.6: This short-lived version, along with unreleased v4.3.5, has a critical bug that triggers on First Strike replacement during an opposed came. Update to avoid the bug in future games. If you are partway into a game using one of these versions, please see the comments section of the module page.

Broadly compatible with previous v4.3 releases but, for best reliability, all players should use the same module and Vassal version. Not backward compatible with releases prior to v4.3, except for viewing v4 games. Requires Vassal v3.6.19 or later.

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