Complex operations

Hi All,

I’m looking for confirmation about how things worth best with operations for a complex game. In general, I found that making more pieces, each with a tiny bit of knowledge and properties (when possible) rather than dynamic properties works best.

It appears that placing lots of new pieces(having the right property) with triggers works faster than using DP’s.

It also appears that a post made last week was lost. I had commented on how masked pieces seem to avoid selection when sent a global command when they are in a deck. I worked around this problem by using a layer which I then explicitly activated/de-activated.


I can help you re to the masked trait issue. The order the traits are defined on a piece is crucial to how the piece will behave. The rule is bottom up as in the most recently added trait will affect all the others until you swap the trait order around. Mask will hide all the traits above it while the piece is masked. If you want a trait exposed so that a GKC will affect it whether it’s masked or not, then move the trait so that it is below the mask trait. Also if you are working with decks, you have to specifically tell a GKC that it can affect decks. By default it ignores decks.