Conditional restriced access

Hello to everyone, I didn’t find a “present yourself” section on this forum so this is my first post here.

I tried on my own to solve a problem with card restricted access but I didn’t manage to solve it.
I have a bunch of cards that I want to collect in game palettes, in order that players can pick them and add to their deck (like Mage wars module).

I created a prototype for my cards. They can move on a board, sent to a specific region and other controls like return to deck etc etc.
My problem is that I want to restrict access to cards belonging to a deck or player, and I’d like to create a single prototype condition that seek for player or deck as a restriction.

So, to make it more clear, I have a card collection, in which any player can pick cards to add to its deck. The restriction then should be applied afterwards, when a card belongs to a deck or in some way can be considered bounded to a specific player.

Sorry if the solution is trivial, I solved a lot of little problems on my own but for this I’m a bit tired and I’d like some help.

Thanks in advance

You’ll need to add a Dynamic Property (DP) trait to the Prototype that is ABOVE the traits that allow a player to keep or discard cards. I’d name that DP “Owner” and add Key Commands to directly set its value to PlayerSide. So for instance, if I had a Send to Location command CTRL-K that allows a player to keep a card, I’d add a matching CTRL-K Key Command in that DP to change the value of Owner to PlayerSide. Likewise, if you have a Key Command that discards a card, let’s say CTRL-D, you’d add a matching CTRL-D command in the DP to change the value of Owner to its starting value, which is usually blank “” or something like “None”.

Thank you for your answer. As soon as I’ll get back to work on the game I’ll try this option :slight_smile: