Control of piece size in the GamePiecePalette

Hello folks,

In the Game Piece Palette, I have several units that are defined as cards that represent maps. These maps[Cards] are larger that the units that move on them.

I want to display them in a Scrollable List at a reduced size. Unfortunately, all units are displayed at 100%. How can the size be controlled?



The palette always displays at 100% size. So one way to do this is to put your full size Map tiles in a hidden palette, which players won’t see. Then, put corresponding (reduced-sized) versions of the map tiles on a regular palette that players will see.

Add the Replace with Other trait to each of the smaller pieces, linking each back to the larger map tiles. Players draw the small tiles, and trigger the Replace with Other trait (which would be named something like “Make Full Size” or “Enlarge”). That deletes the small tile and places the corresponding full size tile.

That would work…but how do I create a Hidden Palette?

Check the ‘Hidden’?’ check box when you’re creating it.