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When converting a module from ADC, if that module has map images for all 3 levels of magnification in ADC, which of these maps are used for the conversion? Or are they all required?

I noticed that in an ADC module with a series of map images, the end result VASSAL module has got 2 map file , each without extension.

VASSAL uses Level 3 for the map and counters. VASSAL will not care in the least, if the Level 1 and 2 maps are missing. If Level 3 is missing, then it will halt with an error.

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I’m not sure I follow that. Can you give me an example? Most ADC modules will have several map images corresponding to different levels and different sections of the map. However, in the module file, if you open it, you should recognise only one image as being the main map. It may not have an extension, but it is a PNG file.

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Any ideas on how to quickly move the units created on to different tabs?

After converting the VASSAL module turns all the force pools onto one big list, and the only way I found of moving the pieces was one by one, is it possible to select more than one at a time?

I converted my Russia Besieged ADC2 module to Vassal; It worked
perfectly and looks great; Really good job Michael, thanks!

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There’s actually two sets of force pools. If the original module had force pools in individual menu headings, those are located on their own map-like thing that’s intended to look like a counter tray. Each box is labeled with the name of the force pool. You can do whatever you want with that.

The list of units is just a single long list. For various reasons, you can’t change that – the big reason is that flipping a counter won’t work any more if you do that (yes, I know that’s odd). You can make that list invisible and make your own force pool. But don’t tamper with that list. I’m considering making that list invisible in the first place and just making a second, redundant list that you can manipulate.

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ohhh… That is much more clear now. Thanks.