Copy/paste to and from extensions

Within an extension editor, I can see elements of the main module and even copy items from the main module and paste them in to the extension. I copied a deck from the main module and pasted it into the extension and saved it. I then went into the main module editor and deleted the deck (so it wouldn’t be in conflict or duplicated) and saved that. Now, I realize that I would like SOME elements of the deck in a second extension (because some games may be played with part of the deck and others with other parts of the deck). Is there a way to copy/paste from an extension editor back into the main module or into a separate new extension editor? Along the same lines, if I move items from the main module into the extension and delete them from the main module, is there a way to reverse the process?

No there is not to both questions. For the first question though you could save a copy of the original extension as the new extension and then edit it from there