Copying Private Windows?

I am creating a module that requires each of the 5 players to have their own private window. Each window contains a board with extensive grid zoning and piece placement, but they are all the same. Is their any way to copy or clone the “Player 1” private window and use it for the other 4 players? I have tried to R-click and Copy on the private window and it’s sub-categories, but the Paste option is never available.

I do it by copy/pasting the XML in the build file.

Interesting. I’ve never had a problem with copying and pasting components in Vassal. You can only paste a component in a place that matches the original conditions. For example, you can’t copy a card from a deck and then try to paste it as a single piece in an At-Start Stack. My guess is that your are trying to paste the private window in the wrong location.

If your tree is set up this way

-----Private Window 1

You can copy PW1 and paste it by right clicking Module. Then you can make whatever changes you need for the other windows.

Thank you so much…lol. All i had to do was paste it into the highest tier in the tree and it created a new one.