Correct syntax to assign current grid location value to a GP

Hello everyone !
I’m trying to send units in another unit location so I need to assign the current location of the unit to a global property.
but in the set Global Property trait, I cannot find the correct syntax to do that
set value directly, I try : $currentLocation$, $gridLocation$
But that does not work.

In what way does it not work? I think $currentLocation$ should be correct…are you trying to store the location from a zone containing a square or hex grid? If so, you may need to change the Location Format field in the Zone’s properties to $gridLocation$, instead of the default of $name$.

Thank you for your answer : when i try a report action trait to see what happened, I have the sentence:
“Unit is in gridLocation” or whatever syntax I use (“Unit is in currentLocation”) even though I set the Property as numeric.

For the grid, the location format field is already gridLocation, for some specific Hexes I’ve changed the field zone to "$gridLocation$ ($name$)

Everything works if I set a Global Property zone for the Hex with the value of the grid
Since, I can only disband TF in anchorage, I can do this, I just have around 40 Hexes to define

Try $LocationName$

It works incompletly because for numbers under 1000, the first 0 is deleted and my unit cannot be sent there.
For numbers above 1000 it works well.

My solution is :

  • a Global Property Zone named : HexLocation
  • a Global Property named: TFLocation / numeric
  • a trait for my Task Force counter : Set Global property that sets the TFLocation to HexLocation with the syntax : “$HexLocation$”