Counter tray panel only shows one counter

Maybe this has happened to someone before. I’m working on the VASSAL module for A World at War, and am trying to reorg the counter trays. However, when I add a panel then add pieces to it, none show in the panel view until I put more than three in, and even then only one of them shows up. Any ideas?

EDIT: A link to an image displaying the problem is below. I wasn’t able to figure out how to actually get the image to show up in my post.


Jeff Ital

The elements of the Scrollable list “Ground Forces” need to be “Single Pieces”.

You have the element “Airbor…” as the single member of the “Ground Forces” Scrollable list.

Make “Airbor…” a Scrollable list with the German Abn units as its elements.

‘Airborne’ was the nested panel in the scrollable list, that all the Germ Abn units were in. In any case, it’s all moot. It looks llike it was an artifact of the WYSIWYG engine in the editor. As soon as I saved it and fired up the module in normal VASSAL, all was good.