Counters Disappearing On Linux

I hope I can explain this coherently:

Running 3.6.19 on Chromebook in Linux.

Vassal running w/o issue except for games that have a “chit draw cup”: I’m unable to move chits/counters from either the map or another window to the “cup” window.

For example, on “Kaiserkrieg!” by White Dog Games, there is a set-up “tray” tab that opens a window with the counters for beginning the game. Some of them have to go into a “chit cup” that has its own tab. When I have both tabs/windows open, dragging the counters from the “tray” to the “cup” they disappear. They can only be placed on the map. No matter which side of the window I try to move them into, they pass behind it. Then, once captured and dragged, the counters can’t go back to original “tray” window, they pass behind it also.

I loaded the same mod in my Windows computer (no issues) and copied the parameters under “General” and “Compatibility” to the Linux version but still can’t transfer counters.

Is this because of the shell nature of running Linux/Java/Vassal on a Chromebook?

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Where can we get the module you’re using?

Only from White Dog upon purchase.

I’ll see if I can replicate from a module hosted here.