Crash adding images in 3.5.4

Trying to make a module in 3.5.4, encountering frequent crashes when adding images. Makes it almost impossible to make significant progress.

Guys, really. You know better.

What do you expect us to do without an error log?

Or a copy of the module? Instructions for how to reproduce the problem? Even just a bit of the error messasge? We have nothing to go on here.

I will provide what I can, when I can. Hard to find a minute to spare. I can tell you it’s a brand new module and the step to reproduce is simply adding basic images to new pieces with no other traits until a crash occurs.

What kind of crash? Would you at least describe what you’re seeing?

Vassal closes, no error message, all work lost.

No wait, the module closes. Vassal is still running IIRC.

Ok, next step is to post the errorLog.

I don’t think there’s anything helpful in here, but the log is attached.

The crashes are on two different Windows 10 computers

For clarity, is that an errorLog from a run where the crash happened?

Yes. The last editor launch definitely crashed, the player launches were fine, the previous editor launches I can’t remember which ones crashed.

Ok. Without the module, there’s nothing further we can do.

As I said previously, it’s a blank module. Newly created in 3.5.4, barely anything added from base, absolutely nothing of interest to see there.

If it’s consistently triggering a crash, there may be more there than you think.

OK, well, here it is: … sp=sharing

The crashes have occurred at every stage of editing, and I only got as far as I have adding images a one at a time and saving frequently, never certain when the next crash would occur. In other words, this module with only one deck and a fraction of the size would be just as good a place to start.

I don’t see anything obviously problematic in that module.

When a Java program crashes without leaving a stack trace, it’s definitionally not a problem with the Java program, as the VM isn’t supposed to let that happen. This is likely a VM bug, an OS or driver bug, or a hardware problem—but if you’re having this happen on two different machines, that lowers the chances that it’s a hardware problem.

… or also could it be some Anti Virus thing?

No anti-virus on my home computer, aside from Windows 10 default. Got some custom anti-virus thing going on at work, but either way no report from that.

I’m assuming it has something to do with the new resized image display during editing, but shrug I don’t know jack about shit.

I’d like some way to revert to a functional version of Vassal, but I don’t know if modules are backwards compatible.

As you are the only person that is reporting this problem, it seems far more likely there is some issue with your environment than something in Vassal. Unfortunately, it also makes you the only person who can help diagnose the problem. We are here to help you, but we can’t do it without your help.

Once we know what is going wrong, we can hopefully get Vassal to detect this and at least fail more gracefully.

It could be the images you are trying to load. Can you try creating a new module and loading your images until you get a failure? Is that repeatable with that image? What happens when you load that image into a new 3.4 module?

When you say

do you mean that the crash happens randomly while doing a variety of different tasks? Or does the crash predominantly happen when doing a specific task?


I meant just that it’s happened a lot, starting from a blank module. There’s no consistency to it, except that I am still in the early stages of creating a deck, adding a piece, removing the mask, adding a prototype with a mask trait, copying the piece ~33 times, then editing the basic traits of the pieces one by one by adding an image and a name. The images are simple 326x508 png files, each unique.

At some point, on adding a new image, so far always during an nth iteration of the process I described, the editor will crash out and everything I did since last save is lost. There are no particular images that trigger this, and no surefire way to reproduce that I know of, except that it has happened a dozen times. I have made some progress by saving the module frequently, and have repeated the steps that previously caused a crash without causing a crash.

I haven’t created a module from scratch since I guess 3.4 or 3.3, so I can’t say for sure which version of the editor is buggy.

I’m going to try dumping all the images in the zip file first, to see if that makes a difference.

Of course, it may be that no-one else is encountering this bug because I’m the only person who didn’t notice the “add multiple cards” function that makes everything so much faster (thanks Joel!)

Maybe that’s the only workaround I need for now.