create a counter that keeps track of clicks of a button

I am trying to create a game piece that when placed on a the map board will start counting the number of times I click on an action button. Using this to track rest for players in a Basketball game I am creating. I have a start stack with a global property that keeps the count of how many times an action button is clicked. I have several multi-action buttons setup so that CTRL-I is used to increment the count.



You seem to have everything you need (the gp counter, the trait to increment it when the action button is clicked), what do you miss then?

Just a text label on the piece counter showing $clicks$ (=name of the gp counter)? And/or some trigger on it to do things when the counter reaches a certain threshold, maybe…

Yes something like that. So do I set a trigger to start counting on the counter when it is on the map board? I guess my question is how do I set the counter to know when to start counting . Example my card count is at 75 and a player is sits to rest. I put the counter on the player, which is a card by the way LOL and it starts to count how many cards that player is sitting out. Any advice?

Thanks in advance.

I am not sure I understand your example…

Do you mean something (the turn counter? some command on some counter?) triggers a phase A where some players are drawing cards from a deck, while another player has to sit out till N cards are drawn? And after N are drawn another phase B starts?

If so, then you could make use of the _numPieces global property associated with a certain deck. Whatever starts phase A should set a global property CardNumber to be equal to _numPieces. Then just add on the cards a trigger trait to trigger when _numPieces = CardNumber - N and proceed to stop phase A and move to phase B.