Creating a new counter

I would like to know what the steps are in creating a new counter in an existing module?



Hi Ron.

The quick answer is ‘it depends’!

It really depends on how many things you want your new counter to do… Usually the easiest thing to do is to copy one that is already there, and just change the image etc, rather than start from scratch.

I would like the new counter to have a text and number on one side and then be able to flip and have the same text and a different number. Would I just find a counter that can flip in the module and put a new image?


Are the numbers static (you know what they are ahead of time, and they never change)? If that’s the case, you’re probably better of baking those numbers into a pair of images, then using the Layer trait to switch which image you show (rather than the Flip trait, which is intended for hiding information from other players), and adding a Text Label trait for the constant text. If the numbers can vary, I would suggest using a 2nd Text Label trait which pulls its text from a Dynamic Property (you could do this even if the numbers are constant, if it’s easier for you than making a pair of images with the numbers already included).

use dynamic properties with the text label - one way…

The numbers and text would be static. Where in the module would I start?


Is there a limited quantity of this piece available to players, or can they create as many as they want? If the former, you will need to put the counter in an At-Start Stack on a map. If the latter, it goes in a Game Piece Palette.

Actually it is a marker and would be unlimited.