Creating an 8x8 grid on a large board

Hello, I need to create an 8x8 grid in the center of the board. Creating a grid is easy but I can’t figure out how to create a limited grid, one that doesn’t stretch across the board.

My only idea is creating 64 different zones but one can imagine how cumbersome that could be. Is there a way of creating a simple 8x8 grid?

Thank you!

The idea behind zones is to create sort of ‘sub-boards’, inside of which you can make different grid types.

Create a single zone in the board center big enough to hold your grid; then put the rectangular grid inside of that. Anything outside the zone won’t conform to the grid.

Thanks for the help! That makes sense and I set it up that way, now I have a new issue. When moving pieces inside of the rectangular grid, only the upper level zone name is reported. For example:

–[Multi-zoned Grid]
----[Various autonomous zones]
----Grid [Zone]
------[Rectangular Grid]
--------[Grid Numbering]

When moving pieces inside of the rectangular grid, only the name of the large grid is reported (Red moves Grid → Grid *), not the assigned grid numbering.

Thank you again for the help!

I think I figured it out! At least, after messing around some I solved the problem. Here’s what I THINK I did:

For Grid [Zone], change the Location Format to $gridLocation$, which specifies to use the grid inside, not the name of the zone.

Also if you’re doing alphabetical numbering you have to put in integers. A=1, AA=27, -A=-1. Putting in negative integers still counts upward, so the grid would go -C, -B, -A, A, etc.