Creating an Optional Rules checklist - Help

I need a way to record what optional rules are being used for each individual game.


  1. Simple checklist with checkboxes.
  2. Saves with each game and the predefined scenarios.
  3. Does NOT affect any functionality within Vassal module.
  4. Add a Menu button that users can click that opens the Optional Rules checklist. This Menu would be in addition to the ‘Scenario Options’ selection under File.

Low requirements - would be nice:

  1. To allow users to add their own Optional Rules to the checklist (if possible).

In all cases, since I am still so very new to working with Vassa modules, I need step-by-step instructions on how to do a solution.

Predefined Scenario Name: 01 Fascist Tide.vsav
Sample checklist:
Check if being used for this game\scenario.
 8.2.4 Air Missions: In Mud, Monsoon and Winter …
 Shore bombardment is halved…
 24.8 Naval Rebase Restriction (*)
#______ User Defined__________________________
#______ User Defined__________________________

Users can check the boxes and enter their own user defined information in the # and User Defined fields.

This functionality is included in Vassal 3.7 VASSAL Reference Manual

Allowing users to add their own optional rules is not strictly supported, however, you could add additional String Scenario Properties as free-text fields where players can type their own rule text in.

You can add a Toolbar button to open the Scenario Properties window in the Global Options component:


Perhaps not exactly what you are looking for, but here’s an approach to optional rules that I’ve used in f.ex. Gettysburg (Smithsonian), D-Day (Smithsonian), and Battle of the Bulge (Smithsonian).

I make a map with some AtStart placed pieces. This map is shown when a new game is started (but can be shown later via a short-cut, say Alt-Q).

The pieces on the map can only be manipulated during a special Setup phase of the first turn. After that turn they are locked.

Clicking the pieces will bring up the normal context menu of the pieces. From that one can select various options as defined by the pieces traits. These will then set global properties or the like.

Some of these global properties may then later be inspected by the module to enable or disable certain aspects of the game, remove unused pieces, and so on.

Here’s an example from Battle of the Bulge (Smithsonian)

The check-marks are these pieces, and so is the start turn piece.


Thanks everyone. I got it figured out. Was simpler than I thought.
I have added a Checkbox List of Official Optional Rules using [Global Properties]\Scenario Properties [Folder]
Then I created a [Checkbox Scenario Property] for each individual Optional Rule.
That was what I wanted.