Creating Vassal unit counters from a scanned counter sheet


I’m going to try my hand at converting an old wargame into a Vassal module. I have a countersheet I can scan into a png file. My question is this: Is there any easy way to parse out all the counters and import them into Vassal? Or do I have to copy and paste each individual counter into its own separate png file and then move it into the module (there are over 500 counters, so I’d like to find a way to speed up the process).

Andy S.

have a look here: … ailable.3F

I use either SplitImage or the slice feature in The Gimp to cut the counters out, then process the cut-out images through Imagemagick to scale and apply a border (I use Excel to build a bat file to do them all at once). You can then use the new ‘Add Multiple Pieces’ feature in vassal 3.2 to create multiple counters at once. Note, to use the ‘Add Multiple Pieces’ option, you need to rename the images so that images belonging to the same counter have related names (e.g. piece1.png and piece1-back.png).

Thanks, I’ll give that a try!


Thanks, I’ll give that a try!


slice feature in The Gimp

The ‘slice’ feature ?!?!
I use GIMP regularly, but never noticed a slice feature - how does one access it and what will it do?
I’ve typically done batching using TCL scripting which works okay, but is not very well integrated with windows tools.

-Mark R.

Under Filters → Web → Slice…

You set up guides where you want to cut the image and Gimp will slice and dice for you and save all the images to disk. It’s actually designed to cut up images for an HTML image map and it generates the HTML for this as well, but you can just chuck this away and use the sliced images.

The image → transform → guillotine command does the same thing, but loads all the images into the current workspace instead of saving them to disk, so is handy for a small manual job, but no good for a whole counter sheet.