Cubes / limited supply

How would you guys design cubes?

I’ve been thinking of that recently as I work on a module in which players are handed a set of 20 cubes they use–primarly–to activate an area (that’s an area-activation wargame, if you ask). Things I’d like to achieve:

  • impose the cube limit;
  • avoid map clutter.

Cubes initially are located in the pool, but they can be placed on the board and–occiasionally–removed from the play, permanently.

I’ve come up–theoretically–with a solution in which there are three GlobProp: # of cubes on the board, # of cubes in the dead pile, # of cubes in the pool, where all the numbers sum up to the limit. Each cube would have a layer, levels of which would represent number of cubes in the area (to avoid the clutter); module would not allow to increase the layer once # cubes on the board + # cubes in the dead pile == limit. The cube pool would be abstracted to a text label displaying number of remaining cubes.

Do you can think of any other viable designs?

I think it’s up to you… how it all looks with the cubes on the actual board, etc. I understand what you’re after, and that might be the best way, but if it’s not too cluttered then I might actually like to see multiple cubes in areas myself. Maybe make them not stacking, so they’re easier to move away individually. And I’d probably leave it to the players to manage the area limits. And again if it’s not too many, maybe have the pools be decks on the same board to draw from, with a text piece next to each to display how many cubes are left in each pool.

But I don’t know… I might take one look at the max cubes in an area and yeah want layers displaying the amount.

Sorry, not much help, I guess. Have fun designing it whichever way though.